International education center
of writer`s Mihail Narica

„The International Education Centre of Writer Mihails Narica” announces a creative competition of 2017:

Essay: "Our values today and yesterday"
Picture: "The Future of My Homeland"
Topic poster "Help!"

You can send your works until 19.01.2018
Address - Post office box 861,
Rēzekne, LV4601

Amount of essay - 2 printed A4 format pages.
Age of participiants not limited.
Following information should be added to works: about author (name, surname, phone number), about artistic idea (conception), name of educational institution, name and surname of director Competition works will not be given back.
Works will be rated according different age groups and the best will be reward with diplomas and gifts. The best leaders of works will be admitted as well.
Contact phone (+371) 29273276.